Kospi Boutique Guesthouse

Keen and experienced travellers, passionate about the Hotel industry and about making friends from all over the world, we have used the inspiration we got from many countries to create Kospi Boutique Guesthouse, a new hotel concept in Bariloche. With our focus in providing a warm service, tailor made and of excellence, we make Kospi the prefect place for our guests to rest, enjoy and feel as comfortable as if they were at their own home!
With only 8 Double or Twin rooms, 2 Family rooms and our recently incorporated 4 berth apartment, we guarantee a relaxed environment to rest for your next journeys. All of them with private bathrooms, central heating, 24 hs hot water and brand new spring beds with duvet covers to keep you warm at night!
Delicate designs decorate the different ambiences to generate a peaceful and relaxed environment perfect for a good rest. It´s vintage style with modern touches let every corner at Kospi tell its own story.

Quienes Somos?

We are Lucía and Juan from Bariloche! We met when we were 15 years old and since then we share the same passion for the Tourism and Hotel industries. During our university years, Lucia studying Public and Institutional Relations and Juan studying Tourism and Hotel Management, we often envisioned our own business. We used to exchange ideas, modified them and got them better together, priorizing always the service.
Among our studies and trips our proyects grew and begun taking shape the values and feelings we wanted to transmit to our guests. To this experiences we added our critical eye, each day more refined due to our working experiences. We grew, learned and perfected ourselves in this industry, and in April 2012 we were offered the chance to refurbish Juan´s dearest Grandfather´s house.

La leyenda de Kospi

Kospi was a Tehuelche princess that lived in the Patagonic-Andean forests. Tells the legend that the god of Thunder, in love of her beauty, kidnaps and takes her to the top of the Andes, leaving her were only him could reach. The Princess, due to the cold of winter, freezes and when the god comes back for her he can´t find her, furious he unleashes a storm. The big rain melted the glaciers and the snow taking Kospi, turned in water, down the springs and rivers, to each corner of the Patagonia. Kospi´s water penetrated the land, they hold on to the roots every plant and climbing through their stems they reached the tip of the branches giving birth to the firsts flowers of the universe. It is therefore that the Tehuelches word for €œpetal€ is Kospi and because we feel it talks about our beautiful landscape and in honor to those who first inhabited this land that we named Kospi to our small Boutique Guesthouse.